Keeping Your Van Secure: A Guide To Van Conversion Security

2022 exhibited an increase in vehicle theft. A 24.9% increase, in fact. In 2022, 130,389 people had their vehicles stolen, a significant increase from 104,435 in 2021.

People with items stolen out of their vehicles have also increased to 212,900, rising by 9.9% from 193,647 in 2021.

After you have spent so much time and hard-earned money on a van conversion, it is recommended that you consider investing in a few security measures both to act as a good visual deterrent and a non-visual deterrent.

A security device can make it significantly harder for a would-be thief to break into your van, and it will also help make recovering the vehicle much easier.

Below we will take you through some of the leading campervan security devices you can use to help increase your van security.

Visual Deterrents

Typically thieves look for the vehicle that looks the easiest to break into, so a good visible deterrent is excellent for discouraging would-be thieves.


Stickers that show that you have a GPS tracker, and/or a Thatcham-accredited alarm system installed is a great way to deter would-be thieves.

Flashing LED Lights

Some security devices and alarm systems will have a flashing LED light on them to show that the system is armed and on. For a simpler solution that can deter thieves, you can invest in a LED light and install it near the window to appear like a security system.

Window Security Film

Window security film will stop people from being able to look into your van and see what is inside, and it will make it difficult to break the glass of the campervan windows from the outside.

Physical Deterrents

A Safe

If you travel with valuables such as laptops, passports, or jewellery, you may want to invest in a physical, lockable safe. This will allow you to hide valuables and ensure that they are completely secure, and should someone manage to gain entry to your campervan or motorhome, you’ll have the peace of mind that your valuables and important documents are in the safe.

Steering Wheel Locks

A steering wheel lock will stop a thief from being able to drive your van. You can also invest in steering wheel locks that connect to the brake pedal – this will not only stop a thief from moving the steering wheel but also they will not be able to release the brake pedal.

A good quality steering wheel lock will be virtually impossible for a thief to remove quietly.

Dead Locks

Dead locks or slam locks make it harder for a thief to access your van. Instead of being able to unlock the van with the push of a button on a key fob, extra locks require them to actually insert a key and manually unlock the door to open it. Additional locks will act a lot like a deadbolt on your front door.

Wheel Clamp

A wheel clamp will prevent your campervan from being both towed and driven away by thieves.

Alarms and Cameras

Both an alarm and a camera are great campervan security devices.

Motion Sensor Alarm

Much like a home burglar alarm, a motion sensor campervan alarm will activate a loud noise when someone tries to enter your van. Some will even send you a notification on your mobile phone, should you be away from your van.

Security Cameras

A security camera is a great way to deter van theft and campervan theft. Many security cameras will allow you to see inside your van at any time using your phone, and alert you of any movement. Some also take a sim card which will record the footage and save it, making it usable as evidence should a break-in happen.

Trackers and Immobilisers

No one wants to think of “What if I had my campervan stolen”, but this is something that needs serious thought. A tracker and/or a immobiliser increases the odds of getting your van back.

Stolen vehicles with a tracker have a police recovery rate of up to 98%, depending on the type of tracker. However, it’s surprising that 73% of campervan owners do not invest in trackers.

You can also set up alerts on your mobile phone to send a notification every time the vehicle moves.

Make Sure That You ARe Properly Insured

Choosing the right converted van insurance policy for your vehicle is just as important as your campervan security. In fact, by investing in additional security systems, you may find that your insurance premiums are lowered.

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