Six of the Best New Campervans and Motorhomes of 2024

Being one of the UK’s leading motorhome and campervan insurance brokers, each year, we see a steady flow of new model campervans and motorhomes in need of cover.  While there’s definitely been a rise in the number of people looking for converted campervan insurance, when it comes to buying a new vehicle, most people still look to purpose-built vans.   As a result, we get to learn a lot about what’s hot in the campervan and motorhome world each year. 

So, which ones should you be looking at in 2024?   Well, if we were looking to buy a new campervan or motorhome, the following would be on our consideration list. 

Best Campervans of 2024

Campervans give many people an introduction to life on the road.  Having the advantages of being relatively easy to drive, relatively affordable, and offering up to four berths, they offer a great way to get away.   

2024 has seen some great new campervans, such as Ford’s Auto-Sleepers Air (from £74,000) and the S&L Apollo (from £75,000).  The two that have caught our eye are the VW Campaway Casa (from £69,995) and the Swift Carrera 144 (from £71,000) 

VW Campaway Casa

VW has always been a pioneer in the campervan field, and many vintage vans can still be seen touring the country.  Their reliability is pretty much second to none, the build quality is outstanding, and the engines will last forever and a day.   

The 2024 Campaway Casa upholds the brand’s reputation for excellence.  With three births plus a child’s birth, it’s ideal for families – especially as it comes with an onboard toilet.  The pop-up roof gives good headroom, and facilities such as the kitchen are compact but well laid out and perfectly serviceable.  Large enough to be practical but small enough to park on the side of the road or on a drive (it’s around 17ft long), we think this is a great campervan. 

Swift Carrera 144

At £71,000, no one will pretend that the Swift Carrera is cheap.  That said, it does offer a lot for the money.  Into just under twenty feet of space, they’ve managed to get three births, four comfortable travelling seats, a very useable kitchen and even a wet room.  At the rear, there’s a lounge, and the whole thing feels roomy and well-kitted out.  The clever use of glass and the pale grey interior gives it a bright, airy feel, especially when the rear doors are flung open.   

If you’re looking for a van for everyday use, then this could be a great choice. 

Best Motorhomes of 2024

Itineo Cozi PS700

By offering five-berths and comfortable, flexible accommodation, the Itineo Cozi PS700 is a great, low-profile family motorhome.  Starting at about £62,000, the PS700 has bunk beds across the back that help to make the most of the space.  The lounge is at the front and has a straight and an L-shaped settee, and when unfolded, the table will easily seat six.  The kitchen is large and well-equipped, though there’s no oven, just two hobs, and the washroom has a separate shower with folding screens. 

Being based on a Ford Transit, it’s easy to drive, and if you go for the Elite option, you’ll get an automatic gearbox, too. 

Knaus Tourer Van 500 LT Vansation Motorhome  

For around £81,000, you get a great all-rounder that was ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2024 MMM Awards in the Best Compact Category.  This two-berth vam comes with two travelling seats, and as it’s based on the VW T6.1 driveability and reliability levels are high.  Clever use of space allows six people to sit in comfort, and the seating can quickly be converted into a double bed.  It comes with a bathroom with a cassette toilet, and its swivel wall can create either a shower cubicle or a washroom.  

Carthago C Tourer I 145 LE Superior

Many would argue that when it comes to motorhomes, bigger is better.  And if you have some serious money burning a hole in your pockets, we’d take these two for a test drive.  

The Carthago C Tourer I 145 LE Superior gives you an awful lot of motorhome for the money.  The Carthago combines style and substance.  Inside, you’ll find an L-shaped living area with comfortable, well-upholstered seats from which you can watch the 32” LCD TV. 

The kitchen is spacious and gives you everything you need to cook up a storm while enjoying the sunset.  The bathroom doesn’t feel cramped but has enough space to make for a pleasant experience.  It comes with four berths, but these can be converted into two two-metre beds that will help you get a good night’s sleep.  At £117,000 it’s in the premium end of the market, but it does offer stylish mobile accommodation. 

Adria Supersonic 780DL

If you’re looking for something that offers the comforts of home with the freedom of the open road, then the Adria Supersonic 780DL could be right up your street.  With fixed rear single beds, leather seating, a kitchen complete with all mod cons and a spacious washroom, this is a motorhome that’s built for comfort over longer trips.   

When you’re stationary, you can relax in the facing settees of the lounge area.  You can add an awning as an optional extra, as well as dimmable lights and a ceramic toilet.  As ever, luxury comes at a price, which is around £170,000 in this case, but what a way to travel! 

Like some motorhome or campervan insurance help? 

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