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We’ve been arranging classic car insurance for over 30 years, delivering specialist car insurance for owners, collectors, and traders alike

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We understand that your classic car is more than just a vehicle. Our flexible cover offers options for agreed value, limited mileage, second car policies, and roadside assistance which can be sourced to suit your needs.

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As Classic cars generally aren’t driven on a regular basis or used for the daily commute like modern vehicles. Additionally, the level of car care given is usually higher by enthusiast owners. Therefore, they’re considered a lower risk by insurers and generally commands a lower insurance premium.

Some vehicles can experience a sudden rise in value. This can be down to several factors, one such factor being featured in film’s or TV show’s such as James Bonds Aston Martin DB5 or the Volvo P1800 from The Saint . But mostly it is the nostalgic value. As time goes by and the car is no longer being made, people with fond memories of it will want to own one.

It all depends on the type of modification you make to your vehicle. For example, common, one-off modifications such as to the wheels or steering wheel will not usually affect the cost of your classic car policy. Extensive alterations, however, are more likely to impact the price of your cover.

It’s worth noting that without modifications a lot of classic cars wouldn’t be roadworthy, so insurers do take this into account when calculating the cost of a premium.

While there are no set rules to define classic and vintage cars, there are several factors to be taken into consideration. Some people abide by the following breakdown:

  • Vintage cars were built before WWI
  • Classic cars were built following WWII
  • All 40-year-old cars are exempt from road tax so can be described as classic

Yes, we can arrange replica car and kit car insurance. Our friendly team of car insurance brokers can look to tailor a policy to you and your car.

We can look to provide:

  • Agreed value: receive a set amount in the event of a claim.
  • Limited mileage car insurance: discounts may be available if you don’t drive the vehicle often.

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