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Our quotes compare a number of insurers, so whether your campervan is classic or modern, small or large, old or brand new, we can help to find you suitable cover for it. Click below to receive campervan insurance quotes in minutes or contact us today to discuss your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Third-Party Only (TPO) – The minimum legal requirement available for motor insurance.

  • Will cover damage to other people’s vehicles/property.
  • Injuries to passengers or animals, and other people involved.
  • Accidents caused by other named drivers on your policy or passengers.

TPO insurance will NOT cover any damages to your own vehicle or injuries sustained because of a fault claim. There will also be no cover in the event the vehicle is lost via Theft or Fire. Note – Not all insurers will offer TPO cover and if it is offered it may have a maximum value restriction.

Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) – As TPO but with some additional covers:

  • Cover included if your vehicle is stolen, damaged or written off by fire damage.

TPFT insurance like TPO will not cover you for damage to your car or an injury you might suffer if it is your own fault. If offered, it may have a maximum vehicle value restriction.

Comprehensive – Covers all as per TPFT alongside some additional insurance cover:

  • Will cover accidental damage to your own vehicle.
  • May cover damages to your windscreen.
  • Personal belongings cover may be included.
  • Medical costs only following a fault accident (up to a specified amount)

Joining a recognised club such as the ‘The Caravan and Motorhome Club’ as clubs like this one can get you extra discounts and offers.

Also, carefully consider which optional extras are necessary for your vehicle to help keep costs to a minimum.

Yes, we have access to a wide panel of insurers, so can offer cover for classic campervans including the timeless VW campervan. We can help you find the right specialist campervan insurance policies that best suit your situation.

If you have set plans to use your campervan over the course of the year, your mileage will be easier to calculate based on your proposed plan or it can be based on your previous year’s mileage if it is unlikely there will be any additional use.

Where you use your campervan for freedom and exploring the great outdoors, more frequently, and for spontaneous use, it will be trickier to calculate your estimated mileage.

Each campervan policy is individually assessed, with your estimated mileage (amongst other things) forming part of the discussion you will have to assess your demands and needs.

Various factors can affect the cost of insurance cover, including age, address, driving history and no-claims bonus, make, and model.

There are key differences between a motorhome and a campervan.

  • Usually, motorhomes are bigger, with more storage.
  • They will have a clearly defined driving cab and living area.
  • They often have other features such as over-cab areas with a bed.

Campervans are usually smaller inside, with more basic amenities. A standard van with a bed in the back does not qualify as a campervan.

A campervan insurance policy will not cover a motorhome and vice versa. If you are a motorhome owner, be sure to visit our motorhome policy page.

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