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Converted campervans come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn't you have specialist insurance to suit?

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Whether you have carried out a van conversion yourself, or you have a professionally converted campervan, here at Advance Insurance we will be able to help you to find a campervan conversion insurance policy that suits your needs and requirements.

Our quotes compare a wide panel of insurers, so whether you need cover for a self-build converted van, an American RV, a converted VW Splitty or something somewhere in between, make sure to get in touch with our team today.

As an insurance broker with over 90 years of experience, we will ensure that you and your van conversion are covered, whilst also saving your time and effort on searching around for a policy.

Industry-Leading Self-Build Campervan Insurance

If you’re looking for self-build campervan insurance, we are able to provide specialist insurance policies for your camper. Whether you own a Volkswagen Transporter, Mazda Bongo, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit or something in between, make sure to contact our specialists here at Advance Insurance. We’ll take all the time needed to discuss the details of your self-build campervan and give you all of the advice and knowledge you need to find the perfect insurance policy.

What We Cover

Insurance For Van Conversions

Here at Advance Insurance, we understand the time and effort that goes into a self-build campervan, and our cover takes this into account.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, theft or damage caused to your van, a standard van insurance policy may not offer the right coverage. If the V5C form or vehicle logbook reflects that the campervan is no longer classified as a standard van, as the policy holder, you must make sure that your insurance reflects the different requirements that a self-build campervan has. This includes any modifications you make to the campervan, to ensure that you have the right level of cover and are not at risk of finding your policy void should you come to make a claim. These modifications can include non-standard alloy wheels, tinted windows, new non-standard seats and power supplies.

Our self-build campervan insurance includes awnings cover and we can offer extended cover for European travel so that no matter where you are, you can rest assured that you are fully covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term ‘self build campervans’ covers vans with anything added to the vehicle after purchase. Even though the name includes ‘self build’, this can include bespoke conversions carried out by a specialist.

The term ‘self build campervans’ covers vans with anything added to the vehicle after purchase. Even though the name includes ‘self build’, this can include bespoke conversions carried out by a specialist.

If you have recently purchased a modified van that has already been converted, then you will need to declare this when getting a quote for campervan insurance. Modifications made on a self-build campervan may need to be considered when it comes to the overall price of your policy and the level of cover your vehicle needs.

No two conversion insurance policies are the same. When it comes to the overall total sum of your motorhome insurance, the cost will typically depend on:

  • Market rarity,
  • Driver history,
  • Van condition,
  • Declare modifications,
  • Layers of protection; from third-party to fully comprehensive.

Campervan insurance will only cover your vehicle depending on how it is classified on its V5C or logbook. This will state whether your camper is classified as a standard van or whether it will need more specialist campervan insurance.

Here at Advance Insurance, we offer insurance for various types of vans including regular van insurance and motorhome insurance, modified van insurance and classic motorhome insurance. We also offer caravan insurance.

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