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Modified Car Insurance

When it comes to great value modified car insurance, Advance are the team you can trust. We know that a “one size fits all” approach to modified car insurance doesn’t work. We’ll tailor cover to your needs and find you a policy that’s right for you.

Most types of modifications are considered, and with the modified team being fellow enthusiasts we understand sometimes a project is never “finished” so are on hand to add any further modifications throughout the policy.

Product Features:

Call us to get a quote, we’ll make sure you receive the right insurance cover for your modified vehicle.

Why Choose us for your modified car insurance?


You should think of a modification as any change that has been made to a car that is not part of the original manufacturer’s specification. Modifications usually fall into one of the two categories – Cosmetic and Performance/Handling.

Typical Cosmetic Modifications

Anything that has been added or changed to the vehicle outside of the original manufacturer’s specification that does not change the performance, handling or power of the vehicle.

If you’ve added something like parking sensors then that’s likely to improve your risk, albeit slightly increase the vehicle’s value, and some other minor changes are unlikely to attract an additional premium but this will depend on the scale of the modifications.

Performance/Handling modifications

If the modifications change the power, handling, value and/or theft attractiveness of the vehicle it would be expected that the premium would increase. Some modifications won’t be acceptable at all.

Some common modifications would include (but are not limited to):

  • Aftermarket alloy wheels,
  • Bigger/louder exhausts,
  • Suspension changes/lowering of vehicle,
  • Airfilters/induction kits.

Yes, it is always best to declare everything and anything you have done or even plan on doing to your vehicle. This way the insurers will look through and decide what is and is not relevant therefore meaning that you are safe from any non-disclosure and reduce the risk of your policy being voided, especially if a claim is in progress.

By not telling your insurers about modifications it could lead to them invalidating your car insurance policy. It is just not worth the risk, as not only could your policy be invalidated, but this could also lead to having problems getting insurance in the future. Plus, it could mean that you’re left with the bill yourself if you are involved in an accident or your car is damaged or stolen.

Advance Insurance

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